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World Market

Is the leader in flavor development and manufacturing in Russia.
Scientific, technical and technological resources have provided a platform for dynamic growth.
WM has been well positioned as Flavour House for more than 20 years.
Good growth has become achievable through innovation and detailed research of market trends & requests.
We are progressing in launching new products within a short period of time based on new developed technologies and up-to-date product facilities.
Quality assurance
Quality of the products and food safety of our production meet the highest international standards and have been confirmed by the Food Safety System Certification ISO 22000.
HALAL Certificates are available.
Flavours&Food additives
• Liquid ( water- , fat-soluble)
• Powdered (seasonings, granulated, encapsulated)
• Natural flavors and flavors
Extracts and essential oils
• Liquid and powder
• Water- and fat-soluble
• With low-calories and intensive
• Monoproducts and blends
• Dry and liquid ( incl. natural)
• Monoproducts and mixed
• Water- and fat- soluble
Flavour Enhancements
• Monoproducts and mixed
• Traditional and natural ( E-free ) additives
The flavours collection includes:
• Traditional and unique;
• World cuisine
• World-wide famous condiments, ethnic cuisine.
• Ethnic flavor collections - North and Latin America, Europe, Asia, the Mediterranean;
• Famous Russian tastes,
• Traditional Chinese taste
Our taste solutions perform well in different food areas: beverages, snacks, confectionery, bakery, dairy, ice cream, soups, sauces, meat&fish, oil&fat, desserts.
WM Strong advantages
Product development and support
Our customers have benefited from customer-oriented technical support for innovative competitive up-to-date brands from product idea till launching it to the market.
Quality and service
Product quality, price advantage and service capabilities ensure confidence in the future.

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E-mail: info@wmingredients.com
Phone: +7 (495) 915 02 40
109004, Moscow, Zemlyanoy Val street, house 54, building 1
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